Property Manager

Closing date: 31/03/2024


We are seeking a highly organized and motivated individual to join our team as a Property Manager. The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our properties, ensuring tenant satisfaction, and maximizing the financial performance of each property.


  • Handling all matters including the contracts, rentals and sales, maintenance, accidents and any breaches.

  • Handling the property expenses, including taxes, leases, insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

  • Reporting the property's financial status, occupancy and expiring leases to the management.

  • Develop and implement property management plans to maximize occupancy rates and rental income.

  • Supervising and coordinating smooth move-in and move-out processes for tenants.

  • Investigating and resolving property complaints and rental violations.

  • Responsible for all maintenance related issues for all properties by thoroughly coordinating with the maintenance entities of the company properties such as apartments and flat units particularly the empty or vacant ones.

  • Inspect the building structures regularly to determine the needs for the repairs and renovations.

  • Monitoring the safety and cleanliness of the interior and exterior areas such as offices, rooms, floors, corridor, parking area (Assigning the parking slots/Removal of Damage & Leftover cars) indoor/outdoor recreation spaces including the fitness center, pools etc.

  • Responsible for the up-keeping of the building as well as its assets including the furniture, elevators, fire and smoke alarm system, CCTV and any other equipment/installations within the premises.

  • Responsible for the regular inspection and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor AC units (Chillers, HVAC, AHU etc.)

  • Maintaining the day to day operations related to the property maintenance and for any changing weathers.

  • Provide updates and recommendations to the Top Management and other departments about construction, alterations, maintenance, materials, supplies, equipment and services not provided in approved plans and/or budgets.

  • Prepares regular weekly/monthly reports for maintenance, repairs, safety, cost and any other support material for the Top Management along with the pictures.

  • To manage and coordinate thoroughly with the Property Management and Facility Management companies.

  • Meeting with prospects and clients interested in properties to offer them real estate deals and to identify their requirements and choice of property.

  • Negotiate and recommend Top Management's approval for contracts.

  • Perform other duties as directed by The Top Management.

  •  Attend Management meetings as and when required.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Real Estate, or a related field (preferred).

  • Proven experience in property management or a related field.

  • Strong knowledge of property management principles, practices, and regulations.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Organized and detail-oriented with strong problem-solving abilities.

  • Familiarity with property management software is a plus.

Note: You will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Educational Certifications