HR and Administration Manager

Closing date: 31/03/2024


Job Objectives:                                                                                                                 

1.       Smooth execution of the operations related to the Employees.

2.       Cater availability of required manpower from various countries as well as locally on time.

3.       Proper care & logistics to be arranged for existing people / incoming.

4.       Required legal formalities to be proceeded as per State law of Qatar.

5.       Regular monitoring & controlling to conducted in daily operation.

6.       Staff evaluations to be conducted and updated twice in a year.

7.       Proper trainings to be conducted to upgrade skills of existing staffs.

8.       Manpower are existence with formal contract.



1.       Implement the approved procedures and forms related to Admin and Human Resources Department compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

2.       Participate in developing the general HR polices for the company.

3.       Establishing the required job description for all company position in coordination with the related Mangers and Management.

4.       Prepare draft contract for new employees and receive signature.

5.       Report findings of on-going human resource management once in a month after conducting SWOT analysis and recommend dynamic action plans to upgrade Human Resources management effective.

6.       Attend weekly management meeting and follow up the action assigned on the specified dates without any delays.

7.       Monitor the department works and execution are going compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

8.       Execute the top management decisions related to the Administration and Personnel Department.

9.       Determine required competencies for all positions in the company (academic qualification, experience, training, and skills) in coordination with relevant mangers and review by the management.

10.   Update annual training plan for all department and sections and receive approval from Management.

11.   Assist department head, project managers to conduct staff’s performance appraisal at least yearly by reviewing individual job description and formats prescribed by ISO 9001:2008.

12.   Ensure performance appraisal conducted of entire company’s employees at least annually.

13.   Submit weekly manpower allocation chart to Management.

14.    Summarize the findings of performance and report to Management with required actions aroused from evaluation.

15.   Keep records of training evaluation such as (pre-training, post training and on the job training) and generate Human Resource inventory.

16.   Make sure that the records in Administration and Personnel Department are kept up to date and with filing compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

17.   Follow up hiring of new employees and conduct new employee training program in coordination with Managers using ISO 9001:2008 formats.

18.   Support all employees from initial employment to termination to include recruiting, orientation, training, promotion, vacation.

19.   Handles employee relations matters and makes decisions regarding disciplinary action as appropriate with absolute confidentiality in coordination with Management.

20.   Involved in confidential personnel matters, which includes investigations and disciplinary actions.

21.   Ensures accurate documentation of personnel changes and additions to employee files compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

22.   Assists to conduct orientations for on-going as well new employee.

23.   Update Human Resources policies with in current employment law of Qatar.

24.   Receive approved Quality Plan from Management and implement accordingly.

25.   Communicate Quality plan objective within staff and guide to proceed.

26.   Performance duties as per state law through e-governance.

27.   In depth study of State law of Qatar and understands employee benefits and be able to respond general questions regarding benefit matters.

28.   Maintain professional communication, tactfully dealing with employees and recruiting agencies with proper documentation.

29.   Produce data of existing manpower mobility and tracking records using data entry, spreadsheet work, and word processing with high level of accuracy.

30.   Listen employee’s inquiries and responds in a timely manner based on personnel policies.

31.   Summoning Foreign Employee.

32.   Initiate to issue Employment VISA and Businessmen VISA as required.

33.   Issue and renew Medical Card for all employee on timely basis.

34.   Issue, renew and update employee Contracts in coordination with Management and following Human Resources policies prescribed ISO 9001:2008.

35.   Follow up the Personal and Companies’ residence renewal.

36.   Forward Leave Permission and receive approval from respective department compliance with ISO 9001:2008 policies and procedure.

37.   Follow up the Employee joining procedure.

38.   Keep records for the employee Leaves and termination.

39.   Weekly update of staff/manpower leave (vacation) status with expected date of availability

40.   Supervise Camp boss for oversee of camp operation and regular update of manpower availability on site

41.   Coordinate with safety office regarding any accident and its proper remedy (such as insurance, medical claims etc.)

42.   Supervise legal advisor for any kind of legal issues arises and prevent from further complications

43.   Supervise public relation to ensure visa renewed on time, new visa application done as per approval etc.

44.   Performs Yearly Training Plan arrangements

45.   Performs any other duties assigned by the Management.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Educational / Employment Certifications.