Guest Service Agent

Closing date: 30/04/2024


A guest relations associate is an employee who is assigned customer-service roles and is entitled to greet the guests hosted by the organization. His responsibilities span from making all the arrangements and ensuring the facilities are rendered to guests to handling guest-related complaints as well as providing assistance in reservations and travel. A person serving the position works in close association with the entire management team and ensures the provision of adequate welcome and facilities to all the guests.


  • Prepare a proper list after gathering the arrival and check-in information of all the guests. 

  • Attend to inquiries requested by the guests regarding facilities provided and everything else. 

  • Check if adequate welcome amenities are available for everyone whose arrival is on the list                                                                     

  • Attend VIPs(Very Important Persons) with more attention and hostility. 

  • Maintain a polite and humble personality while attending to the guests.                                                                                                      

  • Take care of each and everything the guest might need and ask for, to avoid a last-minute rush. 

  • Check the amenities for their quality and proper provision to leave no ground for complaints from the guests. 

  • Ensure maintenance of proper information in the database. 

  • Work in close coordination with the manager and get in touch with him whenever needed.


  • Should be well-versed with skills pertaining to the operation of computers. 

  • Must possess work experience in the same field for at least 2 years. 

  • Should be holding a degree in hospitality management and/or related areas. 

  • Should be fluent with soft skills like English communication. 

  • Must prove to be an efficient manager and a team leader. 

  • An outspoken extrovert person will be given preference. 

  • Must comply with the standards set by the hospitality industry on professional grounds. 

  • Must portray professional behavior while at work.

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

Resume / CV
Educational Certifications