Guest Experience Supervisor

Closing date: 30/04/2024


As a Guest Experience Supervisor, you will be the first point of contact for the Company Guests and Members with the primary role of delivering exceptional Customer Service, promoting the activities and selling a range of Guest experiences. You should perform the duties and responsibilities in accordance with Company's Service Standards and Policies in a professional manner and as per the operational requirements, which include but is not limited to the following: 

  • Maintain effective Communication with all related Departments to ensure a smooth service delivery.

  • Deal promptly, efficiently and pleasantly with any queries and resolve Guest complaints that may arise.

  • Maintain good working relationship with all Front Office colleagues with particular emphasis on Guest Services and Front Desk.

  • Ensure that the Guest receive the services as per acceptable Hospitality Standards.

  • Coordinate with Managers to ensure that daily Front Office operations runs smoothly.

  • Coordinate with all other Operational Departments to ensure all requirements are communicated effectively and efficiently.

  • Attend to all Guest inquires, that are directed to them, in a professional and helpful manner and enhance Members engagement, involvement and participation in activities.

  • Supervise and Train Front of the House Department Staff who interact with members and guests, ensuring they embody the Company's values and deliver exceptional service.

  • Conduct regular training sessions to enhance employee skills in Guest service, Communication, Problem-solving, and Member engagement. 

  • Work closely with other Departments, including Housekeeping, Food and Beverage and Maintenance, to ensure seamless members experiences across various aspects of the Company Services.

  • Ensure that the Company's facilities, services, and overall ambiance align with high standards of quality and cleanliness.

  • Keep Members Informed about upcoming Events, Promotions, Changes in Company’s policies and Company’s updates through Telephone Calls, Newsletters, E-mails, Social media updates, and other channels.

  • During the Banquet Functions and Corporate Events at the Company, You should meet the Host to understand their Satisfaction and Feedback on the Function Arrangements, Food Taste, Service Standards and if Guests have any Special Requests.

  • Gather Member and Guest feedback through Surveys, Meetings, and Interactions to gauge Satisfaction levels. Analyze feedback to Identify Trends and Opportunities for enhancing the Company's Offerings and Services. Recommend Strategies to enhance Member Retention and Engagement.

  • Prepare regular Reports on Member Engagement, Event Attendance, Feedback Analysis and other relevant metrics for the Company Management.

  • Creating a Positive and Memorable experience for Members and Guests, thereby contributing to the Company's Reputation and Success.

  • Perform duties and responsibilities of the 'Manager on Duty" as and when required.

  • Be familiar with Emergency Procedures and General Crisis Management, Including Fire and Emergency procedures, ensuring Members, Guests and colleagues Safety is followed by all Team Members. 

  • Maintain a High Standard of Personal Grooming and Hygiene and wear a complete set of Clean Uniforms while on duty. Should avoid heavy makeup and jewelry while on duty.

  • Attend Daily Briefings, Debriefings and Periodic Training programs as per the given schedule.

  • Address communications in a Professional and Timely manner and carry-out all Internal and External written communication as per the Guidelines of the HOD.

  • Adhere to Company Policies, Procedures and Business Ethics Codes and ensure that they are implemented as per the given guidelines. Comply with the Hospitality Environment, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

  • Maintain Confidentiality of the Companies Business matters and dealings that you will come across during your work tenure with the organization. 

Qualifications Required

  • Degree Hospitality Management, or a related field.

  • Relevant Certifications or Training in Hospitality Management.

  • Proven experience as Guest Services Supervisor or a related position is essential.

  • Familiarity with Hotel Management Software and Computer Systems is advantageous. 

Skills required

  • Team Player.

  • Analytical thinker.

  • A confident personality that will allow the incumbent to deal with third parties. e.g. Members, Guests & Prospective Clients.

  • Self-corresponding.

  • Customer Service Orientation.

  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication skills in English and Arabic.

  • Should be able to gather data and prepare Reports.

  • Should have a high level of initiative.

  • Flexibility to work irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, if required