Assistant Manager - Food Safety (HACCP)

Closing date: 31/03/2024


 Job Responsibilities 

  • Drives corporate food safety strategy at the project level to mitigate food safety risk through implementation of the field level risk based food safety preventive controls program Serves as the lead for product recall communications.
  • Regulatory inspections, Global Food Safety Initiative audits, and for interaction with vendors on issues related to food safety Conduct frequent and unscheduled food safety and sanitation visits to stores with particular emphasis on those locations with below average third party food safety survey results
  • Evidence of pest problems, customer complaints, regulatory action, history of non-compliance or referral by other company associates or management Ensure programs are developed.
  • Implemented and working to meet all food safety requirements Assisting the project team by advising it on all aspects of food safety quality assurance and control in the operating environment Developing instruction in the area of food safety within the operating company Oversees the implementation of the requirements, policies, procedures, programs and training components of the food safety system.
  • Support tracking and communicating the Food Safety Key Performance Indicators and working with project team stakeholders to seek continuous improvement in KPIs Frequently partners with stakeholders from business development, operations, contracts, finance, procurement and HR to provide food safety leadership and subject matter expertise.
  • Responds to request for proposal requirements as they relate to food safety

Licensing or Certifications



Food microbiology

Food safety

Food defense

Product traceability

Food safety regulations and the FDA Food Code

USDAGFSI standards and how they relate to each other Applicable regulations


Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: From QAR 8,000.00 per month

Note: You may require to attach your updated CV and the Food Safety certificates