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We specialize in the recruitment of permanent administrative and secretarial personnel across various levels, managing the hiring of executive assistants and personal assistants in Qatar. Our vetting process is highly meticulous, and we exclusively engage with candidates possessing the necessary expertise. Our clientele encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including financial institutions, investment banks, private equity firms, as well as oil and gas companies, law firms, construction firms, and creative enterprises.



Inspire Private specializes in private support staff recruitment. our expert consultants will look after all your private household staffing requirements including, but not limited to, housekeepers, private PAs and private chauffeurs. With extensive experience partnering with family offices and celebrities internationally, the Inspire Private team adopts a highly bespoke approach that is uniquely tailored to your individual requirements.


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As one of the first virtual recruiters, our established network of virtual job seekers can support your business from the Qatar. Our expert consultants take the time to understand your requirements and will find an exceptional candidate to help move your business forward.



Inspire HR, our human resources division, can help you find fantastic HR professionals. We work with a variety of different companies, from SMEs to global corporations, to help them find the perfect candidate for their vacancy.

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Inspire Technology can help you find your next skilled tech specialist. Our areas of specialism include leadership, product specialists, engineers, developers, infrastructure, creative, DevOps, cloud, testing and digital marketing.

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When hiring financial specialists, we carefully review experience, qualifications, competency and soft skills to ensure you find your perfect match for the role at hand. Find your next accountant or finance director with us.

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Our team of expert consultants is highly experienced and can help you source your next permanent staff member. They focus on both professional and personality fit, going above and beyond to find the perfect match. So whether you need to find a personal assistant, or are looking to hire an executive assistant in Qatar, we’ll tailor our approach to make sure you find a fantastic fit.

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